14 – Third Street, 1920s


Third Street, 1920’s – 485 Central Ave

After the arrival of the B&M railroad in Dover in 1842, the new depot on Third Street attracted a variety of businesses including hotels, saloons, pool halls, restaurants, and stores catering to travelers’ needs. This photo, from the 1920s, shows the United Cigar Store on the left hand corner, followed by the Dover Shoe Hospital, Sherry’s Rexall Drug Store, and the widely-known Lampros Lunch. Just beyond are Tasker & Chesley Undertakers and the Strand Theater which opened on September 22, 1919 with Mary Pickford’s film “Daddy Long Legs.” Admission prices ranged from 11 cents to 28 cents. The Lyric Theater and the Hotel Kimball filled out the block. On the opposite side of the street is Merchants National Bank, founded in 1900. At the end of Third Street stands St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

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