17 – Woodman Museum


Woodman House on the left, Damm Garrison in the center, John P. Hale House on the right – 182 Central Ave

When she died in January 1915, Annie E. Woodman created a trust in the amount of $100,000 for the establishment of a museum for the promotion of education in science, art and the dissemination of historical knowledge.  The trustees of the estate acquired the 1818 Woodman House and the 1813 Hale House for $50,000. Local architect, J. Edward Richardson was in change of renovating the properties. The 1675 William Damm Garrison House, the oldest house in Dover, was moved from the Back River section in 1915 by four men and one horse using rollers. The Woodman House displays much of the natural history with collections of fossils, shells, birds, Indian artifacts and taxidermy. The Hale House contains items related to local history, including nautical artifacts, police – fire memorabilia, early furniture and items related to Senator Hale. The Damm Garrison is furnished with colonial furniture, cooking utensils and spinning artifacts. The Woodman Museum opened to the public on July 16, 1916.  

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