16 – Edward Adams Gundalow


Edward Adams Gundalow – 6 Henry Law St

The Capt. Edward H. Adams was built in 1982. Her design was based on the Fanny M., the last working gundalow in the region which had been launched in 1885 from Adams Point in Durham. The Fanny M. had been built by Captain Edward Adams and named for his wife Martha Frances. It hauled freight in the estuary for years, but by the 1920s she was a beached derelict on Dover Point. But because the gundalow was a historic, iconic vessel for this area, a survey team from the Smithsonian came up and recorded her design in drawings and words. This body of information was used by the non-profit Gundalow Project to construct and launch this replica.

The Adams voyaged around the bay for several years, often traveling to up-river towns for celebrations. Stewardship eventually passed to Strawbery Banke who used the vessel for museum programs. In 2002, another non-profit, the Gundalow Company, took over ownership, continuing dockside activities in Portsmouth, plus taking her out to head-of-the-tide programs in 6 of the 7 rivers flowing into the Piscataqua.

By 2010, the Adams was getting old and couldn’t sail any more. In 2011,the Gundalow Company launched a new vessel, Piscataqua. The City of Dover brought the Capt. Edward H. Adams inland, where she can continue to be enjoyed by the public from the safety and security of her shore berth.

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