Historic Markers & Posters

Click here to download a map of all marker & poster locations or view the interactive map online.

NOTE! Several markers are removed during the winter months to facilitate snow removal efforts. All Markers are usually in place from Late April through Mid-November

  1. The American House   478 Central Avenue
  2. Cochecho Massacre   Near 400 Central Avenue  on the bridge
  3. View from the rooftop of the Cocheco Manufacturing Company, circa 1898 Near 401 Central
  4. Merchants Row 1950 386 Central Avenue
  5. Strafford Farms  58 New Rochester Road
  6. View looking south on Central Avenue ca.1900  340 Central Avenue
  7. First Parish Church   218 Central Avenue
  8. St John’s Church  18 Chapel Street
  9. March, 1896 flood: “Dover’s Black Day”   422 Central Avenue 
  10. Alie’s  Coming soon to an exhibit at the  Woodman Museum 182 Central Avenue
  11. First Strike by Women in US  Near 427  Central Avenue
  12. Morrill Block Near 81 Main Street
  13. Franklin (Upper) Square, ca. 1934  Near 481 Central Avenue
  14. Third Street, 1920s Near 487 Central Avenue
  15. Merchants National Bank, ca. 1900  Near 499 Central Avenue
  16. Edward Adams Gundalow  lower Henry Law Park  next to Gundalow 
  17. Woodman Museum   182 Central Avenue
  18. Central Avenue Bridge post-March 1896 flood Bracewell Block  Near 387 Central Avenue ( temp removed)
  19. Views of Central Square, 1895 & 1900  Near 333 Central Ave on the corner of Henry Law Ave
  20. Wildlife Critters   197 Washington Street and  off Chestnut St  on Community Trail near Rotary kiosk rear of  Amtrak parking lot
  21. View of the Pacific Mills at Central Square
  22. Fire at Mill No. 1  On Makem Bridge  31 River Street
  23. City Hall and Theater Fire    Hale Street near elevator entrance to City Hall 
  24. Strafford County Complex Alms House and Poor House Fires  Across from  the entrance to Strafford County Jail  266 County Farm Road
  25. Dover Landing On Makem Bridge   31 River Street
  26. Rinaldi’s Restaurant  On sidewalk post.  St Thomas St outside city hall
  27. Buck’s Café  on a signpost on School Street near Immigrants Park  (temp removed)
  28. Ed Heaphy  Lobster Wars – on display at Newick’s  Restaurant, 431 Dover Point Road, Dover, NH
  29. Ned McIntosh   Woodman Museum/Keefe House Carriage Barn 15 Summer St. Dover NH
  30. Whittier Falls 93 Pleasant View Circle
  31. Steve Towne Butterfield Gym inside the McConnell Center, 34 St. Thomas St.
  32. Dover Olympians Upper Henry Law Park, 6 Washington St.
  33. Settlers Woodman Museum, 182 Central Ave. In front of the Woodman House

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