Faces of Dover: History, made local


DOVER — Current and former Dover residents can transform boxes of old photographs into a piece of local history as part of the Faces of Dover project.

The first of its kind project will kickoff Sunday, May 17, with a “photo organization workshop” to help current and former residents sort through family mementos and choose favorites that display their connection with the Garrison City.

Ultimately, the Faces of Dover Committee plans to compile copies of photos throughout the community to tell the history of the city through the stories of those that have been part of the community.

The May 17 event is the first part of the larger effort. It will focus on stimulating interest and discussion within families about their roots, event organizers said.

“It will be a time of reflection and celebration,” said Carolyn Ricker, a consultant with Creative Memories, who will help with the process.

A team of four consultants, Ricker, Becky Ball of Barrington, Kathie Sharbaugh of Durham and Beverly Wallace of Rochester, will be on hand to help sort through photos and journal stories that explain the pictures.

“The power of organization is uplifting and is the starting point for what to do with all those photos that have been stashed away for years in an old box,” Ricker said.

Beth Fisher, a project organizer, said the group is looking to take a contemporary approach to an idea used by other communities who have had themed art campaigns throughout the city.

Fisher said the photographs do not necessarily have to hold any historical significance, although some may, but all must have a connection to the community and its landmarks.

The “walking tour” of photos is planned to begin at the new Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce and Visitor’s Center, then spread throughout the downtown, likely inside businesses that will display the photographs and stories in their window or elsewhere inside the business, which would create foot traffic throughout the downtown, Fischer said.

The photo exhibits will be on view from July to September and a walking guide will be available at the Dover Public Library and the new Chamber of Commerce building at the corner of Central Avenue and Sixth Street.

Anybody is welcome to attend the organizing event and can bring photos, documents, newspaper articles or family recipes.

The event will be held May 17 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the McConnell Center cafeteria.

To learn more about the Faces of Dover historical project, contact Elizabeth Fischer atinfo@facesofdover.org or 817-1843 or Library Director Cathy Beaudoin atc.beaudoin@dover.nh.gov. The deadline to submit photos is June 1.